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Preparing for the NCMHCE can be stressful; therefore, we have made LMHCEasy to be as simple and as intuitive as possible. In addition, our expert technicians and licensed clinicians are standing by to offer you timely support and friendly advices. Just one of many reasons why LMHCEasy is rated #1 in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Email: support(at)lmhceasy(dot)com

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many scenarios come with my membership?

Your membership grants you unrestricted access to AT LEAST 20 full-length scenarios. The total number of scenarios available changes from time to time. We frequently review our scenario library to add new scenarios and remove outdated ones in order to keep up with the changes in the actual NCMHCE. You can preview the current scenario library by launching the FREE demo.

What forms of payment can I use?

LMHCEasy uses PayPal to handle all payments for security and convenience. You can settle your payment using your PayPal account or any major credit cards or debit cards through PayPal. We do not have access to or store any of your financial information.

When can I expect to receive my login information?

Your login information will be sent to the email address associated with your payment as soon as we receive confirmation from PayPal. In most situations, you will receive your login information within minutes after completing the payment process. Please consult your PayPal account for the status of your payment.

When does my membership begin?

All memberships go into effect as soon as your payment is cleared by PayPal. For your convenience, this process of activation is completely transparent to most users. Once a membership is activated, it cannot be paused or suspended for any reason and will run continuously for the entire duration.

How come I can't access the scenarios after I signed in?

Your membership may have been expired. In this case, the simulator will revert back to Demo mode automatically. In some cases, the system settings on your devices may be incompatible with the LMHCEasy simulator. You can fix the problem simply by signing out of your account and signing in again after a few minutes.

How can I renew or extend my membership?

You may renew or extend your membership at any time. Simply purchase a new membership using the same email address. The remaining time in your old membership, if any, will be automatically added to the new membership.

What can I do if I lost my password?

If you have forgotten or lost your password, you can reset it here. We will send the new password to your registered email address.

Can I obtain a volume license discount?

LMHCEasy is proud to offer volume licensing or site licensing options to most colleges, universities, and non-profit organizations. Please contact our customer support team for more information.

Can I use my membership from multiple locations?

You can access our services using your access credentials from multiple computers/locations/devices, provided that you do so "at different times". Do NOT access our services using your credentials from more than one computer/location/device simultaneously.

Can I share my membership with my colleagues?

You are NOT allowed to share your membership with anyone else under any circumstances. You must keep your login information secret at all times. Our system will automatically suspend your membership if we detect suspicious activities associated with your access credential. If you like our product and would like to share it with your friends and colleagues, please visit our referral program.

How can I report a problem?

LMHCEasy works very hard to ensure that our services are of top quality and free of errors. If you notice a problem with our services, please do not hesitate to contact us via email.

How can I contribute to help improve LMHCEasy?

At LMHCEasy, we believe in the collective wisdom of our users. Please feel free to send us your ideas, feedback and opinions at any time. We also encourage you to donate your final NCMHCE score report to us to help us optimize our scoring algorithm.

Can I contact LMHCEasy live support via telephone?

Due to the dramatically increased operational cost in recent months, we are forced to suspend our telephone live support service in order to keep the membership fee at an affordable level. We will review the situation regularly and find ways to resume the service in the near future. In the meantime, you may still contact us at any time via email for timely and friendly support.

How can I make a donation to support LMHCEasy?

If you would like to support our mission to provide affordable and quality NCMHCE test prep materials for all prospective counselors, please feel free to make a small donation by clicking on the following PayPal button.

About Us

LMHCEasy was founded as a small tutoring group by a team of dedicated mental health counselors in the New England area in 2008. Over the years, the team has grown tremendously to include respected professors, clinical psychologists, and computer engineers; our field-tested scenario simulator has been brought online for thousands of students from all over the country. Our goal is to create the most effective test prep resources, and to help practitioners improve their clinical skills. Every scenario in our library is inspired by real life cases, carefully structured by test authors, and extensively reviewed by licensed clinicians. In addition, we commit 100% of the revenue to the development, maintenance, and improvement of our operation, allowing us to offer the most accessible and affordable services to our members. We are proud to be the leader in NCMHCE test prep, and we are committed to helping you achieve your dream of becoming an outstanding mental health counselor.

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