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System Requirements

The following documentation describes the minimum system requirements and prerequisites needed to run the LMHCEasy software properly as tested by our engineers.

This document should be treated as a general guideline and not a definitive instruction. Depending on the specific software and hardware configuration, network connection, and resource availability, your system may or may not be able to run the LMHCEasy software. Please consult your computer manufacturer and system administrator if you have any questions.

Any third party products mentioned in this document are included for your convenience only. LMHCEasy does not own, produce, sponsor, support, endorse, affiliate with, or profit from any of these third party products. We do not guarantee the availability or reliability of these products.

LMHCEasy Web

•  Latest Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser
•  Adobe Flash Player 13 or above
•  1024 × 768 screen resolution or higher
•  Javascript enabled
•  Broadband internet connection

LMHCEasy Mobile

•  Android 4.1 (JellyBean) or above
•  256MB of RAM or more

•  BlackBerry Playbook or BlackBerry 10
•  1GB of RAM or more

•  iPod touch 4 or newer
•  iPhone 4 or newer
•  iPad 2 or newer

LMHCEasy Desktop

•  Intel Core Duo 2.33GHz processor or faster
•  Microsoft Windows Vista or above
•  512MB of RAM or more
•  1024 × 768 screen resolution or higher
•  Adobe AIR 13 or above

•  Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz processor or faster
•  Mac OSX 10.6 or above
•  1024MB of RAM or more
•  1024 × 768 screen resolution or higher
•  Adobe AIR 13 or above

NBCC does not officially support, sponsor, or endorse the services or products of LMHCEasy.