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The terms and conditions set forth in this agreement ("agreement") is a contract between you and LMHCEasy, LLC, and applies to your use of products and services available through www.lmhceasy.com (the "site") and other entities owned and/or operated by LMHCEasy, LLC (collectively the "services").

In this agreement, "you" or "your" means any person or entity using the service ("users"). Unless otherwise stated, "LMHCEasy," "we," or "our" will refer collectively to LMHCEasy, LLC.



In consideration of and subject to your payment of the appropriate fee or fees for the services offered by us, and your agreement to and compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement, LMHCEasy grants to you a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable license, and right to use and access the LMHCEasy content (the "licensed materials") for a certain duration of time from multiple places/locations/computers/devices at "different times." You are not allowed to access the LMHCEasy content from multiple places/locations/computers/devices at "same" time.


The LMHCEasy software may monitor other processes on your computer to determine if there exists any applications that could be used (intentionally or unintentionally) to copy contents. Simultaneous use of such applications (hereafter referred to as "dubious applications") with the LMHCEasy software constitutes a violation of this agreement. LMHCEasy reserves the right to determine which application classifies as a "dubious application." In addition, LMHCEasy reserves the right to disable your access to our services, if any such "dubious application" is found to be active on the user's computer system.

The LMHCEasy software has been tested with a wide range of computer configurations; however, due to the rapidly evolving computer industry and unpredictability of various factors affecting computer systems, LMHCEasy does not guarantee the functionality of its software on every configuration, nor does LMHCEasy guarantee predictable behavior of the software in general. You recognize all of the above terms and accept that use of the LMHCEasy software on your system is done solely at your own risk.


LMHCEasy aims to keep our services available twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week and to maintain saved information. However, due to technical failures, acts of God, or routine maintenance, availability may be limited and/or information may be lost. LMHCEasy shall not be liable for lost information or non-availability of our services.


Each user is given a password, which is needed to access our services. You are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password. Furthermore, you are entirely responsible for any and all activities that occur under your access credential. You agree to notify LMHCEasy immediately of any unauthorized use of your access credential or any other breach of security. LMHCEasy will not be liable for any loss that you may incur as a result of someone else using your password or access credential, either with or without your knowledge. However, you could be held liable for losses incurred by LMHCEasy or another party due to someone else using your account or access credential. You are not allowed to share, give away or disclose your password or access credential to another party.


Except as otherwise provided in this agreement or at the sole discretion of LMHCEasy, no refunds, cancellations, or changes to your purchases will be allowed. LMHCEasy reserves the right to refuse a refund if the user is found to be in violation of this agreement or acting against LMHCEasy's interest.


The licensed materials, including all intellectual property rights in the licensed materials, such as copyright, are the sole and exclusive property of LMHCEasy. By indicating that you accept these terms, you do not become the owner of the licensed materials, but are entitled to use them according to the terms of this agreement.


You may access our services for certain duration of time, as specified at the time of your purchase. At the end of this period, your right to use and access our services will expire automatically. This agreement and your license to use our services will also terminate in LMHCEasy's sole discretion, if you fail to comply with any term or condition in this agreement. LMHCEasy may discontinue or change our services, or its availability to you, at any time without notice.

You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement, including any future amendment, in perpetuity, even after the expiration of your right to use and access our services. LMHCEasy may in its sole discretion terminate this agreement. LMHCEasy is not responsible for notifying you of the termination.


You are expressly prohibited from copying, reverse engineering, or modifying any or all of the licensed materials. No part of the licensed materials may be copied for resale or other commercial use or offered for sale or reproduced on any bulletin boards, web sites, discussion forums, Internet domains, or online chartrooms. You many not use any device, software, or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the site or any activity being conducted at the site. You may not disclose or share your password with any third parties or use your password for an unauthorized purpose. You are not allowed to sublicense, assign, share, sell, rent, lease, or otherwise transfer your right to use the licensed materials.


In the event that you breach any term of this agreement, LMHCEasy may in its sole discretion terminate this agreement, your access to the site, and its provision of services to you without refund, and LMHCEasy reserves the right to seek all remedies available by law and in equity for such breaches. LMHCEasy reserves the right to suspend the user's access to our services, report such unethical actions to licensing committees, and pursue legal action if necessary.


The LMHCEasy site may contain hyperlinks to other sites or resources that are provided solely for your convenience. LMHCEasy is not responsible for the availability of external sites or resources linked to such sites, and does not endorse and is not responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products or other materials on or available from such sites or resources. Transactions that occur between you and any third party are strictly between you and the third party and are not the responsibility of LMHCEasy.


You may use the LMHCEasy trademarks, logos, and service marks to provide a hyperlink from your website to our website, provided that you do not imply that LMHCEasy endorses, sponsors or is affiliated with you, your company or your company’s products or services. Your web site will not: (a) contain or reference any defamatory or libelous statements; (b) contain or link to any nudity, pornographic content, obscenity or lewdness; (c) violate any applicable federal, state or local laws, rules or regulations, including without limitation laws regarding unfair competition, anti-discrimination or false advertising; (d) promote violence or contain hate speech; (e) disparage LMHCEasy or its products and services or otherwise compare LMHCEasy unfavorably to other products; (f) contain any product or service competitive to those offered by LMHCEasy or its affiliates; or (g) by virtue of its operation, or the content contained thereon, violate or infringe the copyright, trademark, trade name, patent, literary, intellectual, artistic, dramatic, publicity, or privacy rights of any entity or person.

Domain Names

You may not register any Internet domain name or use any Internet domain name containing the LMHCEasy name, the LMHCEasy trademark, the LMHCEasy logo, the LMHCEasy service mark, or any confusingly similar marks or names (including misspellings).


The National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination (NCMHCE) is an examination managed by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC). None of the trademark holders are affiliated with LMHCEasy. The other trademarks, logos, and service marks displayed on the site are the property of LMHCEasy. You are prohibited from using any LMHCEasy marks without the written permission and consent of LMHCEasy. You are prohibited from using any LMHCEasy marks in a manner that is likely to cause confusion with, or dilute or damage the reputation or image of, LMHCEasy, any of its affiliates, or any of our services and/or products.


LMHCEasy is a commercial educational service provider for students and graduates, who are preparing for National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination (NCMHCE). LMHCEasy is in no way affiliated with the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC), or any other official NCMHCE organizations.

Privacy Policy

LMHCEasy will not sell or trade your personal information to any list broker or direct mail advertisers. However, we reserve the right to sell, trade, or share your personal information to other companies, institutions, organizations or web sites that provide content, products, or services to LMHCEasy. You also agree that, in the event that LMHCEasy is acquired by, merges with, or becomes aligned with another company or organization, such other company or organization shall be entitled to use your personal information. Once you have accessed our services, you will not be able to delete your information or any record of your activities or usage of our services from our database.

User Participation

LMHCEasy does not and cannot review all communications and materials posted to or created by users accessing the site and is not in any manner responsible for the content of these communications and materials. You are solely responsible for the content of your communications and materials. You acknowledge that by providing you with the ability to view and distribute user generated content on the site, LMHCEasy is merely acting as a passive conduit for such distribution and is not undertaking any obligation or liability relating to any contents or activities on the site. However, LMHCEasy reserves the right to edit, modify, block, or remove communications or materials that it determines to be (a) abusive, defamatory, or obscene, (b) fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading, (c) in violation of a copyright, trademark or; other intellectual property right of another or (d) violates any law or regulation or (e) offensive or otherwise unacceptable to LMHCEasy at its sole discretion. You waive any rights you may have in having the material altered or changed in a manner not agreeable to you.

You shall not upload to, or distribute or otherwise publish on to the site any libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive, or otherwise illegal material. You agree that you will not threaten or verbally abuse others, use defamatory language, or deliberately disrupt discussions with repetitive messages, meaningless messages or "spam." You agree not to use language that abuses or discriminates on the basis of race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual preference, age, region, disability, etc. You shall not, without the express approval of LMHCEasy, distribute or otherwise publish any material containing any solicitation of funds, advertising or solicitation for goods or services.

User Submissions

Any material, information or other communication you transmit, upload or post to this site ("user submissions") will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary. LMHCEasy will have no obligations with respect to the user submissions. You grant LMHCEasy a perpetual, nonexclusive, world-wide, royalty free, sub-licensable license to the user submissions. LMHCEasy will be free to copy, transmit, excerpt, disclose, distribute, display, incorporate and otherwise use the user submissions and all data, images, sounds, text, and other things embodied therein for any and all commercial or noncommercial purposes.

Disclaimer of Warranties


LMHCEasy does not endorse and is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice, or statement made through the site. Other than as required under consumer protection law, under no circumstance will LMHCEasy be liable for any loss or damage caused by a user's reliance on information obtained through the site. It is the responsibility of the user to evaluate the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, opinion, advice, or other content available through the site. Please seek the advice of professionals as appropriate regarding the evaluation of any specific information, opinion, advice, or other content. The information provided in LMHCEasy is no substitute for individual patient assessment based upon the healthcare provider's examination of each patient and consideration of laboratory data and other factors unique to the patient. LMHCEasy should only be used as a tool to help students pass the exams.

Limitation of Liability

LMHCEasy specifically disclaims any liability (whether based in contract, tort, strict liability, or otherwise) for any indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages arising out of or in any way connected with access to or use of the site, this agreement, and our services, even if LMHCEasy has been advised of the possibility of such damages, including liability associated with any medical malpractice or viruses, which may infect a user's computer equipment. LMHCEasy's maximum liability arising out of or in connection with your use of its services and site, regardless of the cause of action (whether in contract, tort, breach of warranty or otherwise), will not exceed the price of your original purchase.


You hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold LMHCEasy, its owners, directors, officers, shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents and licensors harmless from and against any and all liability, losses, damages and costs, including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys' fees, arising from your access to and/or use of our services.

Attorney's Fee

If LMHCEasy institutes action to enforce any of the provisions of this agreement, LMHCEasy shall be entitled to recover in addition to all sums to which it is entitled or any other relief, at law or in equity, reasonable and necessary attorneys' fees and any costs of any litigation.


LMHCEasy may amend this agreement at any time by posting the amended terms and conditions on our site. Except as stated otherwise, all amended terms and conditions shall be effective immediately after they are posted on our site. You agree that it is your responsibility to check for any amendment to this agreement regularly. LMHCEasy is not responsible for notifying you of any amendment.

Governing Law

This agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, and all prior agreements, representations, statements, and undertakings, oral or written, are hereby expressly superseded and canceled. This agreement is governed by the internal substantive laws of the People's Republic of China Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, without respect to its conflict of laws principles. Jurisdiction for any claims arising under this agreement shall lie exclusively with the courts within the People's Republic of China Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

General Provisions

If any of the terms or provisions of this agreement shall be held to be unenforceable, the remaining terms and provisions shall be unimpaired and the unenforceable term or provision shall be replaced by such enforceable term or provision as comes closest to the intention underlying the unenforceable term or provision. The remaining provisions of this agreement shall remain in full force and effect. The section headings used herein are for convenience only and shall not be given any legal import.

NBCC does not officially support, sponsor, or endorse the services or products of LMHCEasy.